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My Book Has Been Born

Hi All,

My memoir, "Death, Divorce and Real Estate: An Upper West Side Story" is out and available! You can get a taste of the story by viewing the video trailer on my Works page. You can get it on Amazon, in either paper book form or Kindle as well as on iBooks.

It's been quite a journey. After my editor's feedback in September, I scaled back how many stories I was trying to tell and stuck to the main one - my life.

I met my wonderful book designer in a tap dancing class in Cambria, CA-no kidding!

The writing turned out to be a breeze compared to learning how to upload the book to the different vendors. Thank God, my guy, Joe, is a techie! Since I live on my mini-iPad, using the computer was a challenge. But the good news is: it's done!

Best to everyone and enjoy the book!


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