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The Beginning

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my website. One year ago I would never have predicted how carried away I would get writing my memoir: Death, Divorce & Real Estate: An Upper West Side Story.

I began writing it in a workshop three years ago. I put the pages in a file cabinet and forgot about them until last year. The timing of returning to it coincided with my decision to retire - guess there are no accidents. When I was accepted into a memoir writing class at the 92nd St. Y last June, my creative switch got turned on and I couldn't turn it off.

Over the summer, in Cambria, the wonderful California town that has become a second home to me & Joe, I kept telling the story. Since September I have been in a wonderful writitng class with Patty Dann at the West Side YMCA.

It's wild how powerful the wave is that overtakes me when I'm in the midst of writing the story. Until now, only singing and dancing has done that for me. It's great to find another drug!

Anyone have any thoughts on where the spring of adrenaline comes from? Do all creative people feel this way?

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