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Gearing up to Leave NYC

Hi All,

It's been exactly a month since I started this blog. Since then this website was finished. I'm thrilled to have gotten lots of positive feedback about it this week from first time viewers.

On New Year's day, Joe and I leave for Cambria, CA. We'll be there for 3 months! I've never been away for so long, but now that I'm retired I can. It'll be interesting to see how I feel two months into being away from NYC. I feel so lucky- two wonderful places.

Cambria is beautiful. Views of the Pacific, quiet walking trails. Never more than a handful of people (and their dogs) out at the same time. Central Park it is not!

The only activities I'm sure to be involved in are the jazz concerts every other Sunday; a possible writing workshop at the Jocelyn Center and, my favorite: weekly tap dancing classes.

A wonderful teacher, a former professsional choreographer, teaches a group of us called the GRADS. (Greatly Respected Adult Dancers)

But my number one goal over the next three months is to finish a first draft of my memoir.

I'm looking forward to the meditative quiet of the pines and the ocean .

Will let you know how it's going.....

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